David Avrin

David Avrin is a 42 year-old marketing, public relations and branding consultant and speaker. This self-described, "sappy" husband and father of three is an author, singer, former world record holder (read the book), sports coach (for his kids) and holder of far too many speeding tickets.

As happens with many who approach "mid-life", a couple of years ago David was experiencing a convergence of life-changing events, including the birth of his first son (after two daughters), the retirement of his father and the approach of the big "4-0".

While he wasn't experiencing any "crisis" per se, it was a time of introspection and evaluation—a sort of "checking in" on his life.

In setting about to write this book, David Avrin decided to go on a journey, exploring the life experiences that have made him the man he is today and detail the things he still want to accomplish and experience with the second half of his life.

His amazing literary agent Jody Rein struck a deal with Sourcebooks, (an amazing publisher) and The Gift in Every Day became a reality. While the experiences are personal, the lessons are universal.

David Avrin lives very happily with his beautiful wife Debbie, their children: Sierra, Sydney and Spencer in the Denver suburb of Castle Rock Colorado.