Word of Praise for The Gift in Every Day —
Little Lessons on Living a Big Life

  1. "This book is a wonderful way to reconnect with what really matters in life, what makes life worth living and how to make it even better. It was a very hard book to put down." — Steven Vannoy, author of The Ten Greatest Gifts I give My Children
  2. "The Gift in Every Day puts into words what so many of us feel and experience our their lives, though too few articulate. It is a book about hope, purpose, meaning and impact. David Avrin's words remind us that everything we have done, and will do in this life, matters." — Azim Jamal, Amazon # 1 best-selling author of The Power of Giving
  3. "Heartwarmingly written with candor and grace. A timely reminder for all of us to take the time and bear loving witness to the moments we are given." — Noah benShea author of Prayers for Your Newborn
  4. "Poignant, hilarious and very familiar. The Gift in Every Day does exactly what David Avrin set out to do — cause the reader to reflect, and smile." — Greg Lang, Author of Why a Daughter Needs a Dad
  5. "David Avrin asks, and answers, the questions we all need to think about to plot our course in life more successfully. Read this wonderful book and you'll think about were you've been and gain insights into where you're going. — W Mitchell, author of It's Not What Happens to You — It's What You Do About it
  6. "The Gift In Every Day is the kind of book you need to read long before you grow old. The heartfelt stories and ideas it contains will help you live the kind of life you will look back on with pride and fondness." — Mark Sanborn, best selling author of The Fred Factor — How Passion In Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary
  7. "If this book does nothing more than make you hug family a little bit longer, or act on a dream today instead of tomorrow — it's well worth it. David Avrin will tell you that these are his stories, but as Martin Luther King said "We're all tied in a single garment of destiny" and that means they're our stories too." — Ian Percy, author, The Seven Secrets to a Life of Meaning
  8. "When I read David Avrin's reflections and stories, I laughed out loud, daubed tears from my eyes, and smiled warmly from deep inside. This is a book about basic human goodness. Read it aloud with those you love, or take it on the road with you when you want to feel loved." — Jim Cathcart, author of The Acorn Principle